Customer Testimonials

Sylvia C

"My husband and I actually used Everlasting Love weddings for their Officiating service and their day of coordinator and believe me they gave us a great deal and a discount for using two of their services. From the day we signed with them they were always available to help us with questions or problems like, she even made our programs for us and our monogrammed cocktail napkins they never limited us on how many times we could contact us, and they returned messages very promptly . On the day of our wedding Shannon and her team followed the timeline we had written to a tee and made sure the band played the music in the order. They showed up to the venue about 9 am so they could decorate which allowed me more time to get ready because I didn't have to do it, Shannon performed a beautiful ceremony and then returned to the venue to join her team and continued on through the night. I also liked that they locked the gifts up once everyone was seated. Best $600 I spent honestly I really recommend them to anyone."


Deedee did a great job at planning My wedding, she got the colors just right on everything even down to the flowers. She planned my whole wedding and even went the extra mile when my caterer had to cancel due to an emergency at the last minute she made the food and set it up and served it, at a buffet style and last minute ALL my guest loved the food, i had my reception at the Guadalupe theater and she completely transformed that place to look beautiful with all the uplighting and the centerpieces that she made. I can honestly say she made my wedding beautiful with the limited budget i was on, i even got mariachis at the reception and a violinist at the ceremony which i didnt expect I was going to be able to get her price is excellent I looked at the competition and since I was on a budget I had to go for a less expensive planner and I was suprised at all she did for the price. I definitely will be referring her to any of my friends or family that may get married I'm the future.

Laura Moreno

"We used everlasting Love weddings to perform our wedding, They were so understanding and affordable. For the price that wee paid they wrote a ceremony customized just for us and in the ceremony she told the story of how we met and some of the hurdles we went through to get to where we were being a same sex couple. I was in AIT in Ft Fam at the time and my fiancé flew down from north Carolina, she gave us advice on where we could have the ceremony and we chose the Phil Hardberger Equestrian center. Our guest included some of my battle buddies, when the ceremony was over our guests were choked up; and since we obviously were low on funds to really do anything because I was in training still she brought us cupcakes decorated and some juice to have a little mini reception there at the park. I cant say enough how happy I was and I thank her for making our wedding so special "